Yoga is a practice and it is in this space we remember life is a practice. No yoga practice looks the same, just as our everyday lives do not look the same. I invite you into this space of where yoga is life and life is yoga, the true meaning of yoga ... union. All is interconnected. We use our breath to move in and out of each pose, this breathe can also be used off of our yoga mats, when presented with all sorts of ebbs and flows with our lives. This is the beauty of yoga and mindfulness; this is why we do yoga. Yoga reminds us we have a choice in every moment of our life, how can we choose to show up in each moment that creates more love, more oneness, more grace.


Vinyasa Flow

An immersion of meditation, Vinyasa/Hatha Flow Yoga while moving with our breath. Mindfully moving through each pose, we are then able to be more mindful in our life. The intention of this class is to “work” the mind and the spirit.


Mindful Flow & Restore Yoga

Good for the beginner to experienced yogi. A slower more gentle paced class. Deepen and lengthen, as we are guided to the present moment, via our breath.


Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion is a great workout that can help you build muscle, stamina and flexibility while teaching you to relax and focus. By melding yoga into other workouts, you can bring its stress-busting benefits and mindfulness to your exercise routine.


Bikram 26 Inspired

This Class is inspired by the Bikram 26 Posture Sequence. It includes all the traditional postures and breathing exercises but in 60 minutes! This is a system. This class is designed to warm up your body, increase your heart rate and provide you with some aerobic sense, stretch your spine and compress your internal organs, strengthen your spine in isolated moves, flush out your knees, push blood into your brain and then end with deep compression-opening-stretching-twisting of the spine. Each pose has a specific benefit to the body! This is one of my favorite classes to do and teach!


Senior~Chair Yoga

Are you ready to take your health back into your own hands? With the use of props (chairs, straps, blocks) this class will increase your flexibility, balance and strength! No experience of yoga required! Let’s have some fun while doing something good for your body, so that you can go out and live your best life!


Private Yoga Lesson

Private yoga lessons are the perfect way to individualize and customize your yoga practice and make it ideal for your body and mind. They are great for working through an injury, learning proper structure and how to prevent injuries, achieving advanced poses, or simply creating a yoga routine that will perfectly match your capacity and your goals. They are also great for beginners who would like to learn the basics and feel more confident attending group classes. Private lessons can be set up as a one time class or an on-going basis. These one-on-one sessions with experienced, Certified Yoga Instructor, Theresa Marie Falvey, is an excellent way for students of all levels to fine-tune their yoga practice.