I began massage therapy with Theresa several years ago and continue to work one into my schedule at least monthly. She has the ability to address whatever issues your body is experiencing on a given day. That, in addition to the little extras like a heated towel under your neck and herbal, fragrances, make for an extremely relaxing time! Also, I recommend the 90-minute massage; it will be the quickest 90 minutes of your life and you will feel GREAT!
— Diane

Over the past few months, my life had been an emotional roller coaster. I was confused, felt lost, and couldn’t make a decision on anything! I decided that reiki was the answer. That first session was the most relaxing hour I’d had in months, I actually fell asleep! I guess I must have really needed that! The environment is warm, calm and welcoming and Theresa’s voice is soothing and quickly puts you deep in a meditative state. When I woke, I had clarity and peace of mind. Finally! I immediately made decisions that needed to be take care of weeks back but at the time, was not in the state of mind to make the right choice. I’ve had a few reiki session with Theresa, and with every session, I feel more and more connected with my inner self, I’m much calmer, and the clarity it gives is unexplainable. And I would recommend a reiki session to anyone, even if you’re not going through a tough time! I am so thankful for Theresa Falvey and her reiki sessions!
— Tiffany

I first had the pleasure of working with Theresa several years ago where we worked at the same business, I was the part-time receptionist and she was their massage therapist. The first thing I noticed about Theresa was her positive attitude and infectious laugh. I know first hand what an incredible therapist she is and how passionately she feels about her profession. Theresa is my massage therapist and I have and will continue to refer others to her. I have heard from her clients that she is a miracle worker and has the intuitive ability to know the needs of each of her clients. Her on going training heightens her skills and her love of her profession is apparent as she creates individualized sessions based on her clients needs. Not only is Theresa a highly skilled massage therapist, she is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Esthetician. I have received my Reiki Master certification through Theresa and she is a fabulous teacher and makes learning interesting and fun. She is also enhancing her intuitive abilities with specialized readings which I have been blessed to receive. In closing, I would highly recommend Theresa. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and works from her heart.
— Vicki