Transformational Life Coaching

This is a soulful experience of enlightenment and empowerment.

Let’s Dance in the Magic, of what is Possible for You!

In this space together, I am your intuitive guide to help you discover what is already within in you! We are all magnificent beings with unlimited possibilities but sometimes somewhere along the way we lose our sense of what it feels to be fully living our truth, living in full alignment with who we truly are. That is where I come in!

As your guide along this journey, I will listen to what your roadblocks are and gently, mindfully, ask questions to assist you in hearing what your inner guru has to say.  Ultimately you ARE your own Guru! We often do not listen to that gentle voice inside ourselves, which we quickly dismiss, therefore blocking our inner guidance. When you allow for the guidance, anything is possible!

After a session with me, you can expect to feel and see gentle to profound eye-opening awareness!


(75 minute session) 

A Japanese energy technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and rebalancing of onces energy centers (Chakras) of the body. Opening up the Chakras, allows for the good, positive things you so deserve in your life to flow in more easily.