(60 minute session)

By working the flex points of the feet and hands, this service helps to normalize body function, assist with breaking down tension/alleviate stress, all while encouraging the natural healing of the body to work more speedily and efficiently. A must try!

Custom Massage

(30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions)

This massage can be a combination of deep tissue and other various modalities. Whether you are looking to relax or work out tight muscles and/or possible injuries, this experience will leave you feeling blissed.

Thai Yoga for the Table

(90 minute session)

Client wears comfortable clothing so that I am able to move them comfortably. Passive stretching/compression are used; the only thing the client has to do is breathe, which in turn allows the muscles to relax more deeply. This massage is good for athletes and EVERYONE.

Pre-natal Massage

(60 or 90 minute sessions)

Benefits can be and are not limited to: lowered anxiety, decreased back and leg pain; improved sleep and decreased levels of the stress hormone, norepinephrine.

Lymph Drainage Massage

 (90 minute session)

On a year round basis, this is a good treatment for edema/swelling, inflammation, or a recent injury and is helpful with sinus conditions and changing of the seasons.

Oncology Massage

(60 or 90 minute sessions)

Providing relaxation, comfort, stress reduction and increased quality of life. Benefits include: minimizing side effects of chemotherapy/radiation; boost immune system; elevate t-cells, and it just feels good.