Saying "Yes" to you is Self Love

February 2019,  how are we here already?  Since December of 2018 (I know soooo long ago) I have been doing a lot and I mean A LOT of reflecting.

So many questions I have been asking myself:

  • Am I showing up in my life the best I possibly can?

  • How much of what is happening in my "critter brain" is really true?  What stories am I making up about myself and my life?

  • Am I allowing seeing life as 'Happening to me' or 'Happening FOR me'?

I could go on but it's been a lot of processing.

I'll always be honest and transparent with you, I am just as human as the next person, allowing myself to get stuck in my stories of what I think is happening to me, playing small, still working on my Enoughness.....yep, even the Life Coach needs to whoop her butt and Life Coach herself!

So after working myself like a dog up until the end of 2018 and showing with what I thought was my best, I had some BIG realizations, even creeping into this past weekend!

I took some serious time this weekend to say 'YES' to me.  Saying 'Yes' to me meant, cancelling some things in order to honor myself and taking the time to get quiet with myself.  I did some reading to help shift me into a higher vibration and get clear about the reality of what do I keep saying 'Yes' to that is not making my soul shout for joy!

I realized I had fallen back into the space of giving, giving, giving so much of my time and energy to things that were all great but were not making my soul shine and scream for joy!  And the honest truth I was not allowing myself to receive compensation on somethings mostly having to do with my business.

See, I know for a matter of fact that my purpose here on this physical plane is to Serve and be of Service.  Well sometimes I just love to give it all away for free and don't get me wrong I love to Give, that fills me up but at the same time I need to keep my business profitable or I can't do what I Love.  So I am starting to say No to some things and also figuring out ways that I can be compensated even it its minimal.

I also have been giving energy away to people and expectancies that have been doing a lot of taking from me and settling or even getting frustrated with people/situations because of how I need them to show up for me (which is something I created in my mind that is not a reality).  Yes, I understand there are times that there is give and take in relationships but sometimes it becomes quite clear that relationships have shifted and you do not have to give so much energy to that anymore when it's clear you are not important to them.  So there I start to say 'YES' again to me but not feeling like I need to give of my energy to make the relationship good.

Just because people don't show up the way you need them to doesn't mean you can't still love them.  Welcome to Unconditional Love.  We can still love people from a distance.  No need to fill ourselves with frustration or anger, we can simply choose to love them where they are at!

Self Love, is saying 'YES' to the things that make your soul and spirit shine!  It is not dimming your light for anyone or anything, it's simply showing up every day the best you can that day!  Saying 'YES' to the things that do not exhaust you.  Saying 'YES' to the things and people that fill you up with Love, Joy, that excite you!

I could go on and on about all the realizations I've had but this is just a glimpse of it.  There are many times throughout my life I allow myself to get this way.  And then I have to kick my own butt a little, have grace and love for myself.

We all get on detours of our life.  But you can always make an active choice to choose differently in the next moment, the next day.

To choose to say 'YES' to you!

Love your crazy, wild self!  All of you!

Cheers to the constant unfolding and becoming of You!  Get excited, Get curious!