Illuminate or to shed light upon.

Today, 3/20/19 we are full on in a Super Full Moon. Full Moon’s are mean to shed light upon the things that are maybe not serving are highest good or maybe the things that. What needs to stay, what needs to go?

For whatever reason, I am the luck of the draw with moon cycles and I am yes, one of those people that feels so much and when the energy of the moon is heightened, my emotions become heightened as well. I feel everything so intensely and it takes a lot of work for me not to lose it. If you are a woman you can relate maybe a little bit more here than maybe a man. It feels like right before your menstrual cycle is suppose to kick in and all is hay wire with your emotions and you feel like you are about to lose your damn mind with everything. Maybe men you can attest to your girlfriends or wives going through these times and you probably want to steer clear from us during this time hahaha!

But it truly is not something that is not always the most pleasant. But even in these times there are opportunities to just be present, so very present as to what is.

During these times when any of us feel as if it all feels too much, is not something that should be taken lightly. Will it pass? Yes, yes it will. But trying to find some sense of calm and peace takes work.

Here are a couple of things that I do when it all feels a bit much.

*I call my mother. No joke. She’s fully aware of her moon child daughter and what is happening. If she is not available, I have a very select few of very close friends, like maybe 2 that I will call. I tell them that I do not need fixing, I do not need solutions to my problems, I just need a reminder that this to shall pass and to just let me talk. Sometimes all we want is to be heard and our friends and/or family need to know that is all we are needing. We just needed them to listen.

*I get my butt into Nature! Nature heals y’all! Fresh air, mountains, hills, walking paths, lakes, oceans, hiking trails, kayaking, snowboarding whatever trips your trigger, JUST GET YOUR BUTT OUT IN IT!! Most always I do this by myself. In this case, Mother Nature is my support system. We sometimes yell it out, cry it out, walk it out or just Breathe with it. I will say it one last time, Nature Heals.

*I slow everything down. I slow my breath down, I slow my mornings, my days, my nights, my yoga practice, etc. I sometimes, like this weekend, am booking a last minute trip 2 hours away with nature, at a hotel, bringing books, oracle cards and some other things that I know I need to hash out in order to keep life from getting hectic again. What I have learned to do is become Aware. My mind and body are not happy, things are moving to fast and during these times it all feels too much and in order to keep showing up my best……you know what I am going to say……I need to do some major Self Care. I slow my roll friends.

*I get on my Yoga Mat. My yoga mat is like my best friend. It shows up to meet me where I am at. Once I am on it, sometimes I find a nice flow and other times I just lay in Savasana (final resting pose). Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. Just like Nature, Yoga is just as much a healer. Have no expectations of what your practice should look like, just have a seat and see what is supposed to transpire.

*Have some grace or A LOT for yourself. Life is not always pretty. It’s very much messy a lot of the time. Allow it. Life mantra: Get good with being Perfectly, Imperfect. Give yourself some slack and grace and just keep showing up baby! That is all life asks of us, just keep showing up, just as you are right in this moment.

I think that’s a good start if you are needing some guidance during these times of what feels like unearthing.

You are doing great my friend.

I see you, I hear you.

Just keep showing up.

Soulful Shift Maker Blessings from,

Theresa Marie Falvey