Be yourself Everyone else is taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

Be you everyone else is taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

A couple times a year I get in my head about what other people are doing business wise and personally that I wish I could be doing. End up with this feeling of frustration. It doesn’t feel good.

I will say time and time again, your body will tell you when something needs to change.

And I will also mention alot, do what makes your heart sing and do what feels good, when it doesn’t, shift and choose again.

So this feeling of frustration for me most likely comes from feeling a lack inside myself or I am not doing or being enough and even a sense of desperation. Well nothing good can be created in any of those spaces.

In these times, I pause to ‘Check myself before I wreck myself.’

I am doing and being enough in the capacity that I can and what other people are doing is none of my business. I remind myself to stay in my lane (my business) and I can certainly send gratitude that are able to do the things I wish to some day but right now it’s not my time for it and I can look forward to when the time comes that I can welcome that experience into my life for myself and my business.

Again, when we come from a place of lack or desperation and frustration, we deplete ourselves of our energy. Inspiration and dreams are not so much able to be created from this space.

So I invite you to ‘Check yourself before you Wreck yourself’ the next time you maybe find yourself going down this rabbit hole.

Just keep being and doing you. That is enough and everything will come to you in due time!

Be well!