It’s OK to Want

Wants, Desires, Wishes, Dreams…

I’ll be honest sometimes I get caught too deep in the mind of where these 4 things are coming from, they are much the same. Something we do not have or embody in our lives currently or maybe we do?

I ask myself is this Want, Wish coming from a place of lack of desperation? I can speak for myself, that when I come from those places I feel empty in my body. When it comes from a place of true desire though, my heart lights up and I get tingling in my body. Even a smile will come across my face.

Sometimes though we can get stuck in this space of thinking we can’t wish or want for more, why can’t we be happy with what is? Blocking ourselves from dreaming our true hearts desire…

I love to use the quote from Byron Katie, “Love What Is.”

This is a beautifully true statement that fits in all moments of our day/life, finding that true appreciation and gratitude for the now.

But here’s the deal, sometimes I want, I desire so deeply for something……….and I struggle with “Should I really be thinking about this? Maybe I should be in the space of just appreciating instead of wanting more…”

This fight, inner battle inside myself doesn’t feel good for one and two I’m so tired of the struggle!

I surrender.

I choose to surrender.

I surrender to the fact that I am Human and I have ‘Wants’ and that’s all that’s to it. And I am going to continue to desire them!

And what I have realized that this surrendering space feels so much softer, fluffier and more loving than that of the struggle. It always does.

Every time.

Yes, Love What Is, knowing I am enough with out it but Hot Damn how magical would it be if I got that thing I desire!?!

That feels like a sweet spot to reside in.

Remember your Humanness.

Remember who you Are.

And leave the rest.