Your Inner Wisdom will Set you Free

No joke, I have trying to write this post for an entire week and here it is Friday! When it comes to words, it’s not something I can push out “just to get content out”. I want it to come from the deepest parts of me……my Inner Wisdom.

Wisdom….that word can seem heavy and maybe hard to own but we all have it. We all have knowledge we have gained throughout the past years but the Wisdom I am talking about today, is that “Inner Knowing”.

So many times in life we lose sight of listening to ourselves. We are constantly looking externally for the answers to our hurdles or road blocks. I am definitely not saying we shouldn’t still invite those conversations but I believe deep down we KNOW.

You see, when we allow ourselves to get quiet and to breathe, we are able to unravel all the things or energetic chains that keep us bound, unable to make a choice or to maybe to see a new idea in the next moment. Maybe a new perspective!

Sometimes we put all this pressure also on ourselves that things HAVE to look a certain way. That too can bind us up and not allow us to fully sink into the present moment to hear and feel what’s best for You.

And keep in mind, life is all about choices! You are simply just making a choice to turn left or right, go straight, add egg to your burger or to take the pickles off. It’s just a choice. And ultimately you know the answer of what is for your highest good.

I recently had to make a big decision about my business. Whether to stay where I was, having just acquired another office space for more room for yoga (which is ultimately what I have been needing). But for some reason I had it in my head I had to have this bigger, grander space which for the longest time I “thought” would be moving me forward. Then this past weekend I went to another one of my 500 Yoga Teacher Training’s Weekend and we had a lot of time to get quiet. To Stop, Pause and Listen. And ask myself what really matters, why am I doing all of this and what is important right now.

And then it happened….because my body and mind got quiet it all became so clear. My Inner Wisdom said, all that you need is within you and you create the space. The space is not what makes your business, You make the space, your energy, your transparency, your bad jokes, etc. And I wanted a larger yoga room and well I just acquired it. So why do I need more and then put myself into a situation that could potentially move me backwards instead of forwards because that is the realty right now.

Now let me share what has happened since I made that decision this past Monday.

I literally feel like 20 pounds is off of my body! Like I no longer am carrying around this heavy load, dragging myself energetically throughout each day.

I feel free! I feel more joy! I feel like a little kid! And my yoga classes are growing!! I am beyond elated! My heart and soul are on fire with Gratitude!

My Inner Wisdom set me Free.

And it’s available to all of us.

Be well,