Work Smarter, Not Harder

We were not put on this earth to work ourselves to death.

It has been no mystery to me that my work - life balance has been not quite the way I wished the last couple of months. My body has gotten into a really good rhythm of wanting to work all the time!

You see, I love to create! Somewhere at some point over the years I have become an Entrepreneur. I love to work! In my mind is a fish bowl of ideas always floating around, being tweaked or just waiting for the right time to bring them into manifestation! But I am a solo show here at State of Grace and I always want to do all the things, all the time. Although that is exciting it also has me working on things before I leave for the office, during the day and then when I come home in the evening……many days out of the week and weekends.

I love what I do for my career, my passion but I also need to experience life outside of my business. My body craves this actually!

Maybe you can relate?

See it comes down to choices and the fact that I do not have to do everything and be everything.

Choose your scheduled times to work and stick to that and keep your personal time sacred, don’t budge.

Get ‘real’ with what ACTUALLY needs to be done today or right now because in all actuality you know what those things are.

I have been leaning more and more into the space of “Working Smarter and Not Harder”.

My work is very important to me but slave driving myself day in and day out, not able to leave a whole lot of breathing room to even just sit back with a good book or watch a couple Netflix episodes, does not work for me.

Can you resonate?

How is it serving your highest good?

Slow your roll my friends.

Stop and smell the roses.

Choose space instead of clutter, not only in the mind but the outer world.

Make room for more play or the simple act of doing NOTHING! It’s quite delightful!

Plus, did you know that by slowing your roll, you are actually making space for when you really need to put in a little bit more hours than usual?

And DID YOU KNOW - there is no law that says you need to be thinking all times of the day. It is perfectly OK to have no thoughts going on up there!

We were put on this earth to love, take in this beautiful experience of life.

It is a Gift!

“Life’s a Garden, dig it.” - movie, Joe Dirt

Joyful blessings all!

Theresa Mare