Table for One


I have decided that every year on my birthday I am going to do something I have never done before. This year I took myself out to dinner. Can’t go wrong with a $25 gift certificate to Macaroni Grill and I love my Fettuccine Alfredo! Did I mention they have $3 glasses of house wine? Oh wait it gets better…..they leave the big bottle of house wine and then you are on the “honor system” from there with how much you drink! Weeeeeee!
So today I turned 33. I have been reading lots of good cosmic energy things that are happening today so I should be Manifesting! Manifesting! Manifesting!!
Today I have not been doing a lot of manifesting though, I really haven’t been thinking about much today. Maybe my gratitude for my life and my beautiful friends and family, those are pretty great things to think about. What I have been thinking about is: Even though life may not always go in the direction we were wanting, we need to trust, have faith, cry if we need to cry, swear if we need to swear, and probably cry some more. It’s OK. As much as my mom probably thinks I am a blubbering adult baby (just kidding mom) and sometimes it may make me seem way emotional….I am gonna cry and I’m gonna cry till I feel better. I look at crying as a sort of cleansing, shtuff needs to be released! Be gone bad juju! Once I got it all out (for the time being, cause you know times will come again that will get a little funky), I feel so much lighter, so much more back to myself!
Did I mention I am dining by myself? Did I mention yet how empowering it feels? I actually feel kinda classy if that’s possible in flip flops, rolled up jeans, a yoga shirt hangin off my shoulder and my mala beads of course! Yep! Classy is how I feel! Thank you second glass of $3 House Wine!
I am big on challenging people to do things by themselves. Go out on an adventure, a road trip, a hike, get lost (then find your way back with your GPS on your phone, haha). What do you have to lose, the chance of finding the wonderment of it all??? What are you waiting for? Get to know yourself a little better, get in there and spend some time with YOU! Feel that yummy goodness of what it feels like to find sure, true bliss when you spend time with the threesome: Me, Myself and I! I will admit it can be scary to do things alone, but anything is scary for the first time! You can do it, baby steps!
Maybe starting today, start making a list in your phone or on a piece of paper, of things you would like to do, places you would like to go, just with yourself and then the weekend is just around the corner and the possibilities are endless!
Good luck and let me know what adventures and wonderments you stumble upon!

Cheers to 33! Cheers to today!

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