Changing into a New Season of Life


“When you are transitioning to a new season of life, the people and situations that no longer fit you will fall away.”
~ Mandy Hale ~

Good Morning Fellow Readers 
One of the things I struggle with in the mornings is: The WANT to get up early and workout aka: go for a walk, do yoga or some other workout but that doesn’t usually happen till an hour later than when I had WANTED to get up. And I am not one of those people that wants to roll over and get more ZZZZZ’s! Here is my little issue:) The sun comes up through my bedroom window and I roll over to watch its magicalness (I don’t care if that’s not a word), where then I snuggle in a little more with my pillows and blanket and smile. Especially with it being a little cooler in the mornings, it just feels oh~so~good! So that is my dilemma, ha! At least the intention of getting up early is there, right? 
Do you notice things shifting in or around your life as we move into fall~October (and we are not even going to go into “where has the time gone and how did we get to October already) ? I will say this over and over again, the Seasons are time of cozying up to friends and family that make you feel oh so good and maybe you realize that there are those things and people that don’t make you feel oh so good. And know that is OK. Just for instance, I am definitely having some self realizations happening just in the past few weeks. Yep, sometimes it feels a little intense but I can feel (key word FEEL) its luster and wonderment and even EXCITEMENT that its feeding my soul. I have been connecting more with nature to keep grounded and to really fall in love with Autumn a little more. I have been baking many apple torts, mostly for other people. But doesn’t doing things for other people make you feel good? I also took a bath in the morning, which was so nurturing and I highly recommend substituting a shower for a bath one of these days, soon! My friends…..ahhhh my friends;) I have been letting them know how much I appreciate them more and how grateful I am for their energy, their amazing personalities. Just realizing the work that I have done to let some people go in my life that just weren’t feeding me in the way I needed and also being an energy vampire sucking my energy; I have made a stand for myself to only surround myself with amazing people and it feels so good! You are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and deserve only the very best, when are you going to make the choice to surround yourself with love?
I also made a new Vision Board. It really helps to kinda solidify where you are going and to keep your dreams alive! It gets me excited about my life in the present more because I’m looking at that board I see what my life is about and I have a clear intention as to where I am going and I am living it in the NOW, as if its already happening! That’s the key!
So let go and fully step into this Present Moment. Own this Moment. It’s Yours. This moment is all we truly know For Sure.
“Live today like it is the Best day!”

Sending love and light to all!


Justin Pehrson